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Our new production site in Romania is ready!

Vioral is pleased to announce that it has completed the construction of its new aluminum high pressure die casting plant in Oradea - Romania.

Our new plant is located in a newly established Industrial Park in NW Romania on the borders with Hungary. The total area of the plant is 5.000 sqm and it is expandable to 10.000 sqm. Since end of April the first machines have already been installed and the full scale production is planned to start beginning of September.

With the new production facility we expand our production capacity to 2.000 tons. Taking into consideration the constantly growing needs, the plant is designed for future expansions and can accommodate up to 4000ton machines. Just like in our existing plant we also provide CNC machining on casted parts.

Through our Joint Venture with Cap Meca, which is located in one of our 3 production halls we can also offer machining from block.

With the new plant we aim to better serve our existing customers and expand our presence in East-Central Europe. From the new location we will be able to further reduce our lead times, simplify the logistic process and produce benefits for our customers.

Téléphone: +30 210 5596525
Fax: +30 210 5596531

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